The magic of Diving: Scuba Dive in Goa

To find a new meaning to the word ‘fun’ and to discover a new self, Goa is the place where you need to travel to. Goa is an ultimate destination for the nature lovers as well as the adventure enthusiasts. Goa remains on the top of everyone’s wish list.

To experience magic, just dive in.

Not too far stays the most popular recreational activity which is a favorite for many ‘Scuba Diving’. Diving in Goa has been gaining popularity and attracts many from the country as well as around the world.

What is scuba diving?

The term SCUBA stands for self-contained underwater breathing apparatus. This is one enthralling activity which surely gives the diver adrenaline rush.

Scuba Diving Information: Goa

Scuba diving gives an opportunity to explore the aquatic world. Before you go for it, you have to go through proper training as without training you won’t be allowed to experience scuba diving. You have to keep in mind that physical fitness is a priority to be allowed to go for it. People with a weak heart and lung ailments are clearly not allowed to dive.

Proper training provided to divers as well as for the beginners. The training starts from the basic theories and later practice is done in a swimming pool. Finally, when the training is over, you will be welcomed by the Arabian Sea with open arms as you are now an efficient diver.

Scuba diving packages in Goa


There are many scuba diving packages offered in Goa, but two packages are most popular.

1. Scuba Diving for Beginners 

Scuba diving is the most fascinating watersport activity which is loved by every generation. Scuba diving for beginners is a diving activity for 20 minutes. A trainer will accompany you always. Before the dive begins, the trainer will train you about how to go about it. Scuba diving at Grande Island is the most fascinating scuba diving experience of all times.

The trainer will make you wear proper gadgets like the life jacket and diving mask. You will be diving underwater with a certified diver for around 15 to 20 minutes. With a lot of encouragement, even if you are hydrophobic, you won’t mind diving into the water. The diver will be with you, it won’t last long so enjoy every bit of the underwater experience. Such a lovely sight of colorful fishes, corals and other marine life that you won’t ever get a chance to experience.

Children Scuba Training Center

You will be taken to the scuba spot by boat. While on the boat, you can enjoy the wonderful scenery around. When in the mid sea, be alert as you might find a few dolphins twirling here and there. Just sit back and enjoy the magical sight of the friendly sea creatures. Once you reach the spot, the certified diver will pack you with the mask and with proper guidance you will just dive in the pristine Arabian Sea.

Goa Host cheapest Scuba Diving in Goa. Cost Start from Rs. 1500 to 5500 Per Head. The 20 minutes beginner scuba diving package can be availed in just Rs. 4000. Pick up and drop service is included from the dive center. If you want more, you can avail the same package for 40 minutes but for that, you have to pay Rs. 5500 and you will also get a certificate.

Enjoy the experience of a lifetime and explore the unexplored marine world.

2. Scuba Diving without Training at Grand Island 

This is another popular scuba diving package which doesn’t include any training. The guide will accompany you and will tell you a few basic points to remember while going for the activity. You just have to dive and enjoy the view. The certified diver will brief you on the boat so without training also you can experience a wonderful underwater experience.

Scuba Diving at Grand Island, Goa

Pick up and drop facility will be provided from North Goa hotel. Just relax on the boat and enjoy the surrounding. You will simply be mesmerized to be surrounded by the Arabian Sea and of course the beautiful dolphins. Be ready with your cameras to capture some amazing dolphins’ pictures real quick. Grande Island is an amazing place which gets the maximum number of tourist visits in a year.

While going for scuba diving, the guide will make sure you are wearing a life jacket and a mask. Once you are under the water, you will be mesmerized to see the colorful marine life. Experience scuba diving at a reasonable Cost. In just Rs 3000, enjoy 20 minutes of the aquatic world.

Things to remember

  • A person suffering from any heart or lung ailment is not allowed, kids below the age of 12 and pregnant women are also not allowed to participate.
  • Listen to the guide properly.
  • Keep yourself hydrated by drinking lots of water
  • Don’t forget to carry your sunglasses and sunscreen for the boat journey.
  • Avoid bringing or wearing expensive things.
  • Wear comfortable clothes.
  • Don’t litter and spoil the cleanliness of the sea as well as the city

Make magical diving moments


Make sure the 20 minutes you spend underwater are the best 20 minutes of your life. Request and get the instructor to click some photos of you of your diving experience. Make your Goa trip memorable and hassle-free by opting for economical packages. Scuba diving is a very easy activity which can be enjoyed fully if you hear the guide’s instructions properly.

Some of Best Place offering Good Scuba Diving Package, Find Cost and other Booking Information.

Enjoy the magical diving in Goa.


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