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Bungee Jumping is a thrilling but adventurous sport where an individual jumps from a great height with an elastic rope tied to his ankles only to find himself bobbling back upwards from a point when the rope has reached its limits. Since the jumper descends with gravity towards the ground at great speed he wears necessary security gears like helmet and harness to keep safe from crashing down.

Bungee Jumping in Goa (Activity details)

In Goa, this sport is a relatively new entrant and tourists who wish to go bungee jumping can visit ‘The Gravity Zone’ near Anjuna beach which operates in all seasons. One needs to be physically fit for this exhilarating activity as it is also a risky sport. More than that mental toughness is what is required for bungee jumping and is not at all recommended for the weak-hearted.

At Anjuna, there is a permanent 25-meter high tower and the jumper is lifted by a crane to the highest point by placing him inside a caged metal grid and is accompanied by a professional instructor. Once ready he is released from that height and allowed a free fall, albeit his ankles tied with an elastic rope and a harness. The jumper comes straight down with gravity and enjoys the thrills of ‘falling’ from a great height. The cost of bungee jumping is reasonable and is pegged at Rs 500 per jump which is roughly $ 7to 8 USD.


Top places to book Bungee Jumping in Goa

  •, Calangute-Baga)
  • Goa Water Sports, Calangute
  • 365hope
  • Goa Tours Package, Goa
  • Atlantes Watersports, Calangute
  • Shy High Bungee – Calangute

Jumpin Heights already operates a Bungee Jumping platform in Rishikesh, is all set to launch this activity in Goa in collaboration with by August this year. It’s likely that the jumping platform could go as high as 83 meters.

What is STANZ? 

STANZ (Standard of Australia and New Zealand) is an international benchmark to maintain the necessary safety standards for Bungee Jumping across the world. In fact, the standards set by the Australia New Zealand Safety Standards for Commercial Operations of Bungee Jumping in India adhere to such norms pertaining to all equipment used by various operators and companies and are sourced from internationally reputed brands.

Since ensuring the safety of jumpers is the No 1 priority it is vital to discard overused equipment like rubber cords much before their life expectancy is over. Besides, STANZ also ensures that staff members are intensely trained by international jumpmasters. They are subject to regular practice rescue drills and the crew members are also trained in first aid procedures while following various protocols before the actual jump happens.


Bungee Jumping from the above 50m platform

Tourists who wish to try out bungee jumping from heights in excess of 50meters could try out their options in Goa with for jumping from 50m, 60m, and 73m heights.

The tour operator specifies that the minimum entry age is 10yrs but those youngsters up to 17 must obtain a signed consent of their parent or guardian. Duration for this activity is pegged at 2hr and the centre operates from 9 am to 6 pm daily.  Weight is an important factor in bungee jumping. The difference in weight between tandem Jumpers must not exceed 30kg and the maximum combined weight is 150kg. A fixed Bungee tower lift allows you to choose your jumping height.

Things to know before booking:

Bungee jumping is a highly adventurous activity. Jumping from a towering height is not a daily routine and therefore care needs to be taken to ensure that your jump is successful. First and foremost one should be physically fit. More importantly, it is your mental toughness that matters. Minors below the age of 10 should not undertake this exercise and in fact, even those above 10 and below 17 too should be on the guard as a signed consent form from the parent or guardian needs to be submitted to get permission.

Pregnant women are barred from bungee jumping and so also persons with heart ailment or blood pressure. If you have a fractured body part or have an epilepsy issue and are a patient of asthma or anxiety then avoid bungee jumping. Pitfalls of Bungee

Jumping: If not properly attempted it can be fatal. Therefore one needs to be totally focused. Malfunctioning gears and lack of experienced instructor many cause dangerous accidents. So take proper precautions and follow instructions.


What to wear: Tourists should ensure that they choose the right kind of footwear for bungee jumping. A flat, secure and enclosed footwear is a must and avoids loose ones like chappals, slippers, or footwear that is not strapped like sandals or high heels. Wear comforting footwear. As far as clothing is concerned T-shirts, shorts or pants is preferred.

What is included in the adventure package?

  • Pickup & drop from hotel
  • All the safety equipment needed for the jump
  • Breakfast and Lunch
  • Water Bottles
  • 3 Beers after bungee jumping
  • Unlimited Soft Drinks
  • Five pictures of the jump sent via email

Cost of Bungee Jumping

  • Rs 2550 per person (junior 10-17 yrs);
  • Rs 3750 (above 17yrs)

Pickup points

Tourists can choose their pickup points depending upon the location. The bus route that takes you to the Bungee site is as follows: At 7.30am, SinQ (Sinquerim) – Grand Hayat (Candolim), KFC Calangute (Calangute); Fat Fish Restaurant (Baga); 23 Ppl Restaurant (Arpora); Vagator Petrol Pump (Vagator); Duler Football Ground (Mapusa). Bunjee Site, 9.30am


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