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Cabo de Rama in Goa – Complete Travel Guide

Cabo de Rama is a very popular tourist attraction and a historical place located in South Goa about 25km from Palolem Beach in Canacona. This place is so beautiful that the drive towards the fort takes you on a journey through lush greenery. It takes about 45 minutes from Canacona to reach this place. The view of the Arabian Sea from atop this fort is very breath-taking and this scenic view itself adds to its popularity. The fort is small not like Aguada Fort up north but once you get on the top the view is serene. If you are travelling to Goa, then this “unexplored” place is a must-visit! Tourists visiting this place will be amused by the views from certain heights while trekkers will be shocked to see the unexplored beaches around it.

Cabo de Rama Fort

The fort itself is bathed in history and although parts are crumbling, this spot commands a great view over the bay with the old cannons still lying on the ground. By looking around you tend to get a great idea of how the place functioned and was defended. In fact, ask anyone who visited this site and the fort will be described as a ‘hidden gem’. One can easily spend 45-60mins here if one takes a complete round of the place. There is a beautiful small church and one would be lucky if you happen to be there to attend a prayer here. One can keep gazing aimlessly at the ocean atop the fort. This place happens to be one of the oldest (pre-Portuguese) forts in Goa.

History, Lord Ram

Shri Ram Darbar
Shri Ram Darbar

The Fort Cabo De Rama meaning “Fort of Ram” in Spanish, is named after King Ram. This has its existence from the pre-Portuguese era and as suggested by the name this historic structure gets its name from Lord Rama. References from Hindu mythology suggest that Lord Rama, who was the King of Ayodhya, along with his wife Sita actually stayed in this fort when they were serving a 14-year exile which is very well documented from the Hindu epic Ramayana.

Is it Haunted Place?

Cabo de Rama Fort, India
Cabo de rama Fort Photo: Jari Anttonen

Well, there nothing evident to suggest that Cabo de Rama is haunted. But one can neither deny it in a sense as the place is quite deserted by the looks of it, thus giving you goosebumps of some kind going by the nature of this place. Sometimes it may appear to be spooky as there is not much crowd that surrounds this place and one could find himself / herself to be all alone while you pay a visit here.

Cabo de Rama beach

The actual journey to this place begins once you enter the Canacona district and take the road that leads you to the fort. This place is a bit hard to find but GPS will surely guide you. This place is so lost that you will not even find any boards leading to this place and you just have to keep on asking locals and be lucky enough that they know about this.

How to reach Cabo de Rama?


  • Cabo De rama Located in South Goa, The road that leads to the fort is replete with backwaters, long coconut trees, twisty curvy roads, a few cashew nut trees. You don’t have to worry about the condition of the roads they are quite good though you may have to worry that you will find no one but you along a long road with the beach to your right. Once you reach the fort you may get the chills of it being haunted (because it is seriously deserted!). You take the stairs and go to this place which has a cannon resting down from where you get the panoramic views of the blue waters crushing down on the rocks.
  • Train Option:  There is no direct train to the fort. If you are travelling from out of Goa or within Goa, the best way to reach by train is to the nearest railway station at Canacona. Train connectivity to Canacona is there from north and south of Goa. Even buses from Margao and Vasco will bring you to Canacona. You can also drive to the point in your own private vehicle.
  • Road distance to Cabo de Rama from Vasco is 52km; from Margao, it is 30 km and from Canacona it is 26km.
Cabo De Rama - Goa
Cabo De Rama Photo: Nityananda Mukherjee

Food Options:

Restaurants near Cabo de Rama Fort

  • Palolem Beach: 13.6 km from Cabo de Rama Fort,
  • Cuisines: Bar, Seafood, European, Pub

Cornelio beach shack CAMOBAR

  • 9.4 km from Cabo de Rama Fort
  • Cuisines: Seafood, Indian, Bar, Asian, Pub, Russian

 Beach Bumps bar & restaurant

  • Agonda Beach
  • 8.3 km from Cabo de Rama Fort
  • Cuisines: Mexican, Indian, Thai, Grill, Italian, Seafood, Mediterranean

Hungry Shark

  • Mobor
  • 9.8 km from Cabo de Rama Fort
  • Cuisines: Indian, Seafood, International

McLeods Sports Bar and Grill

  • Cavelossim Beach Mobor beach
  • 7.9 km from Cabo de Rama Fort
  • Cuisines: American, Steakhouse, Bar, Barbecue, Grill, Pub

Silver Sands Beach Shack

  • Cavelossim Beach, near Dona Sylvia resort
  • 9.5 km from Cabo de Rama Fort
  • Cuisines: Indian, Bar, Seafood, Pub


  • Ferry Road
  • 10.9 km from Cabo de Rama Fort
  • Cuisines: Indian

Accommodation Option  

  • Mayfair Hideaway Spa Resort, Rs 5227, 6.5 km from Cabo de Rama Fort
  • Holiday Inn  Resort Rs 6319, 8.2 km from Cabo de Rama Fort
  • Radisson Blu Resort Goa Cavelossim Beach Rs 5841, 1o km from the fort
Cabo de Rama beach – Photo: Michael Scalet Follow


Cabo de Rama is a good place for half-day outing as tourists do visit this place but this destination lacks basic amenities within the fortress. However, hotels/ restaurants have come up in vicinity, but only meant for casual dining. This fort is a beautiful place for photography. There is the church in fort. But the view behind the fort is awesome. The place is quiet and calm and the incredible view of the ocean is only seen to be believed.

Church – Photo: sunmaya

Cabo de Rama in a nutshell

  • Cabo de Rama fort is one of the must-visit locations if you are travelling to Goa in monsoon or any other time of the year. The sea view is fantastic from the fort. Best time to visit is after 4 pm and during monsoon just to get a feel of the lush surroundings.
  • Though part of the fort is in ruins there isn’t anything to see besides a church and the view of the ocean. The view is amazing. There is small way from the fort which goes to the ocean. One must go through that carefully. For shutterbugs, this is a great location. Do carry water and snacks. Not meant for elderly people as the steps are very steep at some places. From the fort you can trek down to the seashore, it’s beautiful although it’s not a beach just a rocky section.
  • Although parking for four-wheeler could be challenging the fort is in good shape and structure. Avoid afternoon time as it is quite hot and humid.
  • One section of the fort has beautiful nature and ocean collaboration while the other side is rocky. For those who love to get away from city life for a day, this is a very nice place to hang-out with friends and family too. This is a very ancient fort and well maintained because there is a church inside the fort. The place has been rid of dried leaves and kept much better than earlier. The views, as usual, were fabulous.

Eateries are not much available around the fort. So best this is to carry your own food. Later you can travel to Palolem beach or Canacona town to have a proper meal. Accommodation for outstation tourists is available around Palolem and Canacona or at any nearby location.

Cabo De Rama Beach – Photo: Jeevan Sebastian


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